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Gourmet Potato Chip Six Pack


We slice our potato chips using a Mandoline Slicer and inspect every potato chip by hand.  This non-automated approach allows us to cut our chips to the perfect thickness for just the right crunch.  It is a slow, tedious process but makes for an amazing potato chip.  We only use high quality potatoes, pure Canola oil to fry them in, and our premium gourmet spice blends to season.  Our potato chips come in six different flavors, Sweet & Smoky, Citrus Pepper, Steakhouse, Mild BBQ, Cajun Reaper and Pink Himalayan Salt.  Choose six potato chip bags to complete the six pack.  Fill the fields with a zero for flavors not wanted.  Net Weight of each bag is six ounces.  

Sweet & Smoky Flavor Potato Chips
Mild BBQ Flavor Potato Chips
Citrus Pepper Flavor Potato Chips
Steakhouse Flavor Potato Chips
Cajun Reaper Flavor Potato Chips
Pink Himalayan Salt Flavor Potato Chips
  • Shelf Life

    2 to 3 weeks

    May place in freezer bag in freezer up to 3 months to prolong shelf life.

  • Gluten Free

    All of our potato chips are gluten free.