Sweet & Smoky Bacon Meatloaf

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2.5              Pounds Ground Beef (85% Lean)

1                 Red Bell Pepper (Small Dice)

½                Sweet Onion (Small Dice)

2 Cups       Condensed Tomato Soup

1/2 Cup     Breadcrumbs (Plain)

4                 Large Eggs (Whisked))

1/2 Cup     Sweet & Smoky Blend

8 slices      Bacon (Hickory Smoked)

1 oz            Olive Oil

Pam Spray


Step #1  Place 5 strips of bacon on a baking pan, then sprinkle one tablespoon of the sweet & smoky blend on top of them.  Bake off at 350°F for 20-25 minutes or when the bacon is slightly crisp.  Let the bacon cool off on the side before slicing.  Slice the bacon into thin strips and place them in a large mixing bowl.

Step #2  While the bacon is cooking, cut up the onion, pepper, and sauté until translucent in olive oil.  Place onions & peppers in the large mixing bowl.

Step #3 Add the ground beef, eggs, breadcrumbs, tomato soup and two tablespoons of the sweet & smoky blend to the large mixing bowl and mix ALL ingredients until completely mixed together.

Step #4  Place the meatloaf mix into a loaf or baking pan that has been sprayed with PAM spray.  Add the remaining three slices of bacon in a lattice design on top.  Sprinkle the remaining tablespoon of the sweet & smoky blend on top.

Step #5  Place the meatloaf in the oven at 350°F for sixty to ninety minutes depending on the thickness of the meatloaf and size of the pan.