The Story

     Campside Chef LLC is a Gourmet Food Company located in Upstate New York.  It is owned & operated by Chef Ron Loeber.  Ron grew up in the Schenectady area where he graduated from Schenectady County Community College with a degree in Culinary Arts.  While working in local area professional kitchens over his fifteen-year career, he created his first blend, the original barbecue seasoning that comes in a mild, medium, and hot version.  

     Over time, Ron decided to create his own spice blend business by forming Campside Chef LLC in November of 2017.  By January of 2018, Campside Chef LLC attained its 20C Food Processing License.  The first bottles of the original mild, medium, and hot barbecue flavors were produced that month.  Over the next year, five more flavors were created and added to the spice blend line.  The Cajun Reaper blend, with its eleven herbs & spices and great Cajun flavor and heat, the Citrus Pepper blend, with its bright flavors of lemon and light notes of orange, the Sweet & Smoky blend, with its sweet maple sugar taste and notes of smokiness at the end, the Steakhouse blend, which makes a great addition to any steak, burger, chicken, or pork meal, our Italian blend, the no added salt but great flavor, and our newest flavor that just came out in February of 2020, Southwest Blend.  Ron takes pride in that no artificial colors, additives, anti-caking agents or fillers are put into their products.

     The story of our gourmet potato chips began when Ron decided that he needed a way for customers to sample the blend in a safe, vegan way.  He decided to produce a small amount of hand sliced potato chips and sprinkle the different spice blends on them so customers could taste the flavors.  It was a huge success and customers started demanding the potato chips.  After long thought, and reluctance for hand slicing so many potatoes, Ron decided to start producing them in the Spring of 2019.  There are currently six different flavored potato chips.