Campside Chef Tomato Sauce



5      Pounds Roma Tomatoes (Cored, blanched & peeled)

8      Tomato Puree (28 Ounce Cans)

5      Cups Water

18    Ounces Tomato Paste

2.5   Pounds Sweet Onions (Medium Dice)

1      Pound Green Peppers (Medium Dice)

1      Pound Red Peppers (Medium Dice)

1/2  Pound Garlic (Minced)

2      Cups Sugar (White)

1      Cup Italian Blend

1/8  Cup Salt (Kosher)

1/8  Cup Pepper (Black) *Optional


Step #1  Add olive oil to 14 quart stockpot and turn stove on to medium heat.  Once up to temperature, add cut onions & peppers.  Cook until soft, but not browned.  Add garlic and cook 15 additional minutes.  Stir frequently.

Step #2  Open up and add cans of tomato puree, peeled tomatoes, water, sugar, Italian blend, salt, and black pepper if desired.  Stir & mix well.  Reduce heat to low.  Cook for 5 hours stirring every 20-30 minutes and making sure sauce does not stick to the bottom of stock pot.

Step #3  After 5 hours of cooking & stirring over low heat, add tomato paste.  Cook & stir for an additional 60 minutes.   Serve & enjoy.  Additional sauce may be canned/bottled for future use.

*Makes 10-12 Quarts of Sauce*