Triple Pork Stuffed Loin

Dutch Oven Triple Stuffed Pork Roast 011


1  Pork Loin

1  Pound Sweet Italian Sausage

1  Pound Hickory Smoked Bacon

2  Red Bell Peppers (small dice)

1  Sweet Onion (small dice)

½ Cup Italian Blend

¼ Cup Balsamic Glaze

⅛ Cup Olive Oil


Step #1  Peel the pork loin so that it lays out into one flat sheet.  I recommend peeling it at a ½-inch thickness.


Step #2  Use the meat mallet to pound on the pork loin gently so there is an even thickness throughout. 


Step #3  Add olive oil to a sauté pan.  Sauté the onions & peppers until soft, then set aside to let cool.  Once cooled, combine onions, peppers, and the Italian blend.


Step #4  Apply a layer of the Italian sausage to cover the entire side of the pork loin.


Step #5  Apply a layer of the onion, pepper, and seasoning blend on top of the sausage layer. 


Step #7  Drizzle a layer of balsamic glaze on top of the onions & peppers.


Step #8  Roll up the pork loin.  Place strips of raw bacon down on a greased sheet pan, enough to cover the length of the loin.


Step #9  Place rolled loin on one end of bacon and roll up with bacon so the bacon is covering all surfaces of the loin.


Step #10  Cook the pork loin at 350 F until an internal temperature of 165°F.